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Friuli venezia giulia: origin of the name and history of the region

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Why Udine, Gorizia, Trieste, Lignano, the Friuli mountains, Grado, Marano, Pordenone, Cividale del Friuli and the Natisone Valleys


Why visit the Friuli Venezia Giulia region?

"Friuli is a small compendium of the universe: alpine, flat and lagoon, in sixty miles from the north to the south."
Thus a great writer defined the Friuli Venezia Giulia, and never a description was more fitting. In this region you will find such a variety of landscapes, which will amaze you how close they are to each other.

In a short time you can range from the spectacle of the alpine scenery to the marvelous views of the sea, passing through pretty medieval villages, where time seems to have stopped.

The refined charm of Trieste will take you to discover its fairytale castles and historic coffee houses in the center. Let yourself be moved by the wild nature of the Karst, a rugged and unspoiled area, ideal for those who love hiking and extreme sports.

The perfumes of the Collio wines will lead you to discover the Central European atmospheres of Gorizia. Go through the enchanting Valleys of the Natisone and discover the treasures of history and art guarded by Cividale del Friuli, ancient capital of the Lombard kingdom. The ladylike Udine, with its good table, it will be the ideal starting point to discover small gems like Venzone, San Daniele del Friuli e Palmanova, the fortress city.

Down towards the Adriatic, Aquileia leads to the shores of the Lagoon of Undergraduate studies and Marano, with its lively tourist activities and tasty seafood dishes. From the brilliant beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro you can go up towards the elegant Pordenone and then up, along the naturalistic itineraries of the Magredi, up to the northern mountain ranges.

Summer walks and winter snow games: from Friulian Dolomites, in the mountains of Carnia and at Julian Alps, towards the border treasures, such as Tarvisio.

A small compendium of the universe, a land of infinite beauty: welcome to Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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